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Sunday, March 29, 2015


The third and final season for the supernatural show hosted by Rod Serling.

Night Gallery, in it's third and final year was a little bit different. It was cut to 30 minutes and usually featured only one story. It seems that the network tampered with it, and even though it changed, it still had plenty of terror to deliver one more time.

RETURN OF THE SORCERER 9/24/72....Vincent Price stars in this classic tale about a sorcerer who hires a young man to translate an Arabic book of the dead. A very chilling climax.

THE GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES 10/1/72... Joanna Pettit again stars in this episode about a fashion model with a terrible secret.

FRIGHT NIGHT 10/15/72...A couple move into a haunted house with a most unusual trunk in the attic. Very good episode starring Stuart Whitman.

RARE OBJECTS 10/22/72...A gangster marked for death seeks sanctuary with a very odd collector.

SPECTER IN TAP SHOES 10/29/72...A young woman is haunted by the ghost of her sister who killed herself.

RING WITH THE RED VELVET ROPES 11/5/72...Chuck Conners stars as a boxing champ who challenges a new champion to a battle in his private ring.

YOU CAN COME UP NOW MRS. MILLIKAN/SMILE PLEASE....11/12/72 An inventor wants to prove he can bring his wife back from the dead, but he has to kill her first. This story is unforgettable in it's climax. the second is a thirty second vignette about a vampire having his picture taken.

THE OTHER WAY OUT 11/19/72... An executive who is involve in the unsolved murder of a dancer is blackmailed and offered a way out. Burl Ives and Ross Martin star in this classic episode with a great payoff.

FINNEGAN'S FLIGHT 12/3/72....A prisoner, serving a life sentence is helped by another convict who is a master of hypnosis. This is one episode that I cannot watch more than once. it's not that it is bad, but for some reason it just bothers me.

SHE'LL BE COMPANY FOR YOU 12/24/72...Leonard Nimoy stars in this episode about a cat, given to a man by his late wife's friend, that turns out to be more than just a pet kitty. Lorraine Gary co-stars and looks hotter than ever.

SOMETHING IN THE WOODWORK 1/14/73...An alcoholic woman finds a ghost living in her attic and uses it to get revenge on her ex husband. This show always scared me when I was younger.

DEATH ON A BARGE 3/4/73...A young man falls in love with a woman who has a very, very dark secret. Memorable.

WHISPER 5/13/73...Sally Field is a young woman who seeks out spirits for fun, until it's too late to turn back.

THE DOLL OF DEATH 5/20/73..A man who is humiliated on his wedding day plots revenge using voodoo in the West Indies.

HATRED UNTO DEATH/HOW TO CURE THE COMMON VAMPIRE 5/27/73...A gorilla captured in Africa rekindles a war with his hunter from hundreds of years ago. The second story is a short vignette about staking a vampire.

DIE NOW PAY LATER 1972.....A sheriff thinks the sky rocketing death rate in a small town is being caused by a strange mortician who is having a clearance sale. This was a lost episode from season 2

ROOM FOR ONE LESS 1972....This is a short vignette about an elevator operator coping with overcrowding. This is another of the lost episodes from season 2

So ended the third year of a great show. On the 2 disc set you also get the lost episode from season 2 entitled WITCH'S FEAST starring Ruth Buzzi which is about three witches preparing a meal. Cute and very funny.

All in all a great show that is worth picking up. All three seasons are still available so get em while you can.

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