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Sunday, March 22, 2015


I had some time between working my ass off and sleeping, so I decided to check out a couple of my favorites.

BRIDES OF BLOOD 1968 (ALPHA)....John Ashley stars along with Kent Taylor and Beverly Hills in this first "Blood Island" film.

it seems that the island of literally mutating due to exposure of radioactivity. The trees attack people, there is mutated animal and insect life an the islanders sacrifice young women to some mysterious being.

Taylor's oversexed wife (Hills) is very dissatisfied with her hubby and looks to any native that might give her what she wants. He is more interested in the bizarre island that her. Ashley investigates why the islanders are sacrificing young women and finds that they are used to satisfy a raging monster that comes around every few nights.

There is plenty of gore in this Philippine made sci-fi treat. The monster is very cool looking and tears his female victims apart. This was a hell of a way to start the "Blood Island" trilogy. It is the best in my opinion an it really holds your attention well.

THE YESTERDAY MACHINE 1963 (SUBSTANCE)... This is a pretty good made in Texas thriller about a Nazi who uses a time machine an tries to alter the outcome of WW2. Tim Holt stars as Lt. Partane, a man investigating the mysterious shooting of a male cheerleader and the disappearance of his girlfriend.

It seems that the mad doctor wants to bring Hitler back thru time. he has already brought soldiers from the Civil War to modern times as well as a female Nubian slave from 3000 years ago.

I have always liked this film and find it very entertaining. The DVD is very good. The picture quality isn't the sharpest, but what does one expect. If you can find this I think you should check it out.


  1. i would love to see the yesterday machine

    1. It is very rare, but I believe it's still available thru Amazon

  2. i found it on amazon thank you and its under 10 bucks not too bad at all next time i buy a order from them im definitely getting this film... i have alot of these kinds of films i love them and watch them often but i wonder if the man i got them from forgives me for keeping them

    1. Oh he forgives you, but he does miss a few of the titles you have, an it has cost him a lot to get some of them back. I know the man you got them from an he DOES forgive you.