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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


This is the most prolific season during the shows three year run, and it is the one most people remember. The wide range of stories ran the gamut from scary as hell to comedic. Most episodes had two or three stories in it's 60 minute running time.

The second episode on this set was altered because at the time they couldn't find the short story "Witches' Feast", but that will be talked about later. Here is an episode run down on this five disc set.

BOY WHO PREDICTED EARTHQUAKES/MISS LOVECRAFT SENT ME/THE HAND OF BORGUS WEEMS/PHANTOM OF WHAT OPERA...9/15/71...Clint Howard is a young boy who can predict the future. A young babysitter is troubled by her client's mysterious son. Ray Milland stars in the third segment is a classic horror tale about a man who requests that a doctor cut off his right hand and finally Leslie Nielsen is a hilarious short take on the Phantom Of The Opera. What makes this last short tale even more fun is that all of the mistakes were left in!!

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY/THE MERCIFUL/CLASS OF 99/SATISFACTION GUARANTEED......9/22/71....A young thief hides in the funeral parlor of a very odd man (E.G. Marshall)/A short tale about a woman building a brick wall to help her husband (King Donovan)/ Vincent Price stars as a teacher who delivers a terrifying oral exam to a graduating class/A man arrives at an employment agency looking for a very specific kind of woman. This is the episode in which "Witches" Feast" should have been, but at the time the negative couldn't be located. It was found later and added onto the Season 3 disc as an extra.

SINCE AUNT ADA CAME TO STAY/WITH APOLOGIES TO MR. HYDE/FLIP SIDE OF SATAN...9/29/71...An elderly aunt turns out to be a witch looking for a young body to inhabit/Adam West in a short and funny story about Jekyll & Hyde/Arte Johnson is a DJ working at a very odd radio station.

A FEAR OF SPIDERS/JUNIOR/MARMALADE WINE/THE ACADEMY...10/6/71...Patrick O' Neil is a writer with a fear of spiders/A short tale about the responsibilities of being a parent/Rudy Vallee stars as a surgeon who waits out a storm with a braggart. This is a very experimental episode with minimal sets/Pat Boone stars as a man who visits a very odd Academy to put his son in there.

PHANTOM FARMHOUSE/SILENT SNOW, SECRET SNOW...10/13/71...A doctor is questioned when murders occur near where he works. David Carradine stars in this horrifying tale/Orson Wells narrates this tale of a boy who lives in a fantasy world of snow.

A QUESTION OF FEAR/THE DEVIL IS NOT MOCKED...10/27/71....Leslie Nielsen is a mercenary who bets $15,000 that he can spend the night in a haunted house/Nazi's invade a castle in WW2 and get a big surprise.

MIDNIGHT NEVER ENDS/BRENDA...11/3/71...A hitchhiker and his driver find a bizarre situation when they stop at a small diner/a young girl finds a most unusual friend on a small island.

THE DIARY/A MATTER OF SEMANTICS/BIG SURPRISE/PROFESSOR PEABODY'S LAST LECTURE....11/10/71....A destructive gossip columnist receives a diary that tells future events/A vampire visits a blood bank with a strange request/ John Carradine stars as an old hermit who promises three boys a big surprise if they dig a hole in the ground in a certain place/A college professor gives a lecture making fun of the Gods.

HOUSE WITH GHOST/MIDNIGHT VISIT TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD BLOOD BANK/DR. STRINGFELLOW'S REJUVENATOR/HELL'S BELLS...11/17/71...Gorgeous Joanna Pettet makes the first of four appearances on the show. here she is a woman who has a mysterious dream about a house/A vampire looks for his next victim and gets a funny surprise/Forrest Tucker stars as a man who sells fake potions in the old west/John Astin is a man who looks forward to going to hell when he dies.

THE DARK BOY/KEEP IN TOUCH...WE'LL THINK OF SOMETHING...11/24/71....A school teacher in 1900's Montana is haunted by a student who died a few years earlier/A man needs police help in finding an elusive woman (Joanna Pettet).

PICKMAN'S MODEL/THE DEAR DEPARTED/AN ACT OF CHIVALRY...12/1/71...Probably the most famous episode ever stars Bradford Dillman as an artist whose paintings of ghouls has a very macabre background. This is based on the famous story by H. P. Lovecraft/A fake fortune teller gets his comeuppance/a one minute short about a ghoul removing his hat in an elevator.

COOL AIR/CAMERA OBSCURA/QUOTH THE RAVEN....12/8/71...A man must live in a very cold room and the woman that loves him soon finds out why/A greedy business owner gets a taste of hell/a short about Edgar Allen Poe getting help writing a poem.

THE MESSIAH OF MOTT STREET/THE PAINTED MIRROR...12/15/71...A young boy looks for a savior to help his aged grandfather. Edward G. Robinson and Yaphet Kotto star/An antique store worker finds a mirror that is actually a doorway to a prehistoric world.

THE DIFFERENT ONES/TELL DAVID/LAGODA'S HEADS...12/29/71...A man with a deformed son arranges a planetary transfer/A woman stops at a house an gets a glimpse of her own future/A witch doctor kills an explorer and finds revenge is not only for him to enact.

GREEN FINGERS/THE FUNERAL/THE TUNE IN DAN'S CAFE....1/5/72...Another unforgettable episode stars Cameron Mitchell and Elsa Lanchester in a tale about a greedy land developer who finds out what really grows in an old lady's garden/A man arranges a late funeral for his client/A couple stop in a diner where the jukebox only plays one song.

LINDEMANN'S CATCH/THE LATE MR. PEDDINGTON/FEAST OF BLOOD.....1/12/72....A fisherman catches a mermaid whom he believes is human. This one has a kicker of an ending/A woman shops for a very cheap funeral for her husband/Sandra Locke stars as a woman who is given a brooch by her jilted suitor and it seems a little more than just a piece of jewelry. This episode is very hard to forget.

MIRACLE AT CAMAFEO/GHOST OF SORWORTH PLACE...1/19/72...Ray Danton stars as a con artist who pays a very big price for faking a healing/A beautiful young woman asks a man to stay with her at her mansion and rid it of it's ghost. Lovely Jill Ireland stars.

THE WAITING ROOM/LAST RITES FOR A DEAD DRUID...1/26/72.....A gunslinger finds himself in a small bar with a group of other gunslingers all of whom are dead/Bill Bixby stars in this tale of a man whose wife buys a very unusual statue.

DELIVERIES IN THE REAR/STOP KILLING ME/DEAD WEIGHT....2/9/72...Cornel Wilde is an anatomy teacher who gets a lesson in human life/A woman talks to a policeman about her husband who is killing her/A killer talks to a man about a way of escaping from this country to South America.

I'LL NEVER LEAVE YOU....EVER/THERE AREN'T ANYMORE MACBANES.....2/16/72.....A woman uses voodoo to get rid of her ill husband/A man turns to the occult for revenge and gets more than he bargained for.

THE SINS OF THE FATHER/YOU CAN'T GET HELP LIKE THAT ANYMORE....2/23/72...Unforgettable episode about a young man who is a "sin eater". Barbara Steele stars./A couple who like to torment their hired help get a surprise when a robot servant shows up.

THE CATERPILLAR/LITTLE GIRL LOST.....3/1/72...A man plans to kill another woman's husband so he can have her to himself. His plans to use an earwig doesn't go off as planned. This is an episode that is once seen, never forgotten. Joanna Pettet stars./A brilliant scientist believes his dead daughter is still alive and with him at all times.

The five DVD set also includes a look back at the show, it's painting and NBC promos for the show. All in all a great package for a great TV series. One that is very highly recommended. I will be reviewing Season 3 here in a few days.

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