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Sunday, March 8, 2015


Not too bad of a film.

A statue is removed from an island and soon a giant monster is released and heads for Japan.

The monster injects Gamera with it's spawn and he's left for dead with the little monsters growing inside of him. Two small children take a sub inside the body of Gamera and kill the infection. I guess this is why Gamera is a friend of all children.

Oh well, soon Gamera is back at it again and fights the monster until it dies. This film played once on TV when I was a child and I missed it because the station was off the air. I was rather sad about that, but seeing this in later years I now know I missed very little.

The one scene that stands out is when the scientists are trying to figure out how to save our big turtle and we see actual film of an elephant with a gross and infected trunk. Not as bad as some of the Gamera films.


  1. i love this show mebbe im a have to take it down and do a marathon this week end.. lots of cute little stories with wonderful actors and Rod is very handsome :)

    1. I fully agree with you about the stories, but you posted this Night Gallery Comment under a Gamera