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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Watched a couple of pretty cool films the other day, both have been reviewed here before.

BLACK SUNDAY 1961 (Kino)...This is the classic Mario Bava film starring Barbara Steele. Here she plays dual roles. One is as an evil witch named Asa who returns to life and seeks the body of her ancestor named Katia also played by Steele.

This is classic movie making. Bava uses the beautiful Black and White photography to every advantage, and believe me there are several memorable moments such as the ghostly carriage ride of Dr. Kruvajan, the slow revival of Asa an the grisly death the now turned vampire Kruvajan.

Kino released the uncut version which contains three minutes more footage that AIP cut out when they released it in the USA in 1961. Great stuff here and something not to be missed.

The other film I took a look at was THE VULTURE 1966 (DVD-R)...Horror fans are too quick to give this the brush off as being a bad film. I call bullshit on that. This may not be the greatest film in the world but it has always been one of the horror films I will always remember from childhood.

Robert Hutton stars in this film about the sudden appearance of a bird-like monster whom one woman describes as a vulture with a human head!!

Come to find out, this monster was created by accident in a scientific experiment of matter transmission an nuclear science. Hutton's character comes to this conclusion way too easy, but that is why us older folks who watch movies can still use what is called "suspension of disbelief".

Broderick Crawford in a squire who is killed by the monster and Akim Tamiroff is Prof. Koniglich who believes in the theory of the monster, and has a dark secret he tries to keep quiet. This is a good film in my opinion. I always liked the way it looks and feels when watching it.

This was released on VHS but never has seen the light of day on DVD for some odd reason. If you get the chance you might want to see this and judge for yourself.

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