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Monday, March 23, 2015


Another Al Zimbalist 50's sci-fi classic.

Jim Davis and Robert Griffith are scientists who launch several rockets into space with test animals and insects aboard. One of them crashes in Africa and soon there are reports of giant monsters terrifying the natives.

The two travel to Africa and find giant wasps running amok. This is one of those films you really have to stick with as there is a lot of stock footage from "Stanley And Livingston" during the course of the journey.

However, the giant wasps are pretty cool and the film does pick up towards the end. I have always liked this film and I don't care what others say. It's an alright way to spend 72 minutes on a Saturday afternoon or evening.

I have seen many different prints of this film, and still have yet to see one with the original color ending except for the VHS from Admit One during the 80's. Oh well, still a good 50's big bug film.


  1. I agree with you quatermass cool flick indeed