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Friday, March 27, 2015


The monster movie from John Frankenheimer!

It was the summer of 1979, June to be exact when this little film opened and became a very big hit. Robert Foxworth is a city doctor who is assigned to a small town in Maine which is having problems between Indians and the major corporations who want to take their land.

Talia Shire is his wife who is pregnant and hasn't told him yet. Foxworth soon discovers that something is very wrong in the area including fish almost three times their normal size. There have also been several grisly murders and the white men blame the Indians.

It's soon discovered that the nearby paper mill is putting mercury in the water and it is causing everything in the area to mutate, including humans. The main protagonist turns out to be a huge mutated bear-like monster that still to this day scares the crap outta me. It soon comes down to a terrifying fight for survival between a few people and this rampaging monster.

The ending is also something I will never forget and when I say ending I mean the final shot of the film! I love this film and really recommend it for any horror fan. The rest of the cast includes Richard Dysart, Armand Assante and Victoria Racimo.

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  1. The monster from Prophecy was rather rediculous looking kind of like a bear without any skin on it just of of those eco-horror films like Frogs and Night of the Lepas