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Friday, March 13, 2015


It was back in 1984 that I first encountered a true B movie lovers dream.

I had my own video business back in the day and was preparing to shoot a movie on Super 8 film when I had to go to California on a business trip in late November. I met some wonderful people and one of them had an advertisement for s small company in Pacifica, California called Sinister Cinema.

It was run by someone named Greg Luce whom I only knew thru his TV show also called Sinister Cinema that he hosted under the name Sonny Joe Fox. These were sent to me by a friend who knew what I liked in movies.

Well, when I was in California I decided to order a few titles, and the first one I ever ordered was "Fangs Of The Living Dead" with Anita Ekberg, which has long been a favorite of mine. It arrived quickly and I was anxious to pop it in the VHS player. What a revelation to finally see this film again. I ordered a catalog and took it back with me to Montana.

Sinister has been a part of my life since that fateful day. Greg started his business in a bedroom with only a couple pieces of equipment and it has grown into a class business that has been serving the feverish movie lovers all over the world for many years.

At least twice a year I order things from Sinister and have NEVER been disappointed in 31 years. Greg has taken every step necessary to make sure customers are satisfied. With the advent of DVD, Sinister has followed right along. I have been given access to many, many films I would never have been able to see if it were not for this company.

Sinister has since moved to Medford, Oregon and they still continue to release great films. I mean, where else could a film lover like me find titles like "Refuge Of Fear", "Marta", "Brain Leeches", "Murder at 45 RPM", and many, many more. These are the types of films big companies will never release.

I have read on some boards of people complaining, as they always do about quality. Yes, the quality varies from film to film, and most of them are excellent, but in this day and age of digital reproduction, sadly most "fan boys" have become whiners and crybabies when it comes to quality.

I appreciate being able to see any film, despite the quality. I don't need Blu-ray technology for every film. Today's DVD viewer is way too spoiled.

Over the past few years Sinister has also begun selling "Armchair Fiction" which are great quality fiction stories from classic authors as ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch among others. Fun stuff all around. Greg and his company have their loyal fans of which I am one. Yes, I also buy from the major suppliers, but none has given me consistent quality service as Sinister over the past 31 years.

If you read this blog you are probably familiar with Sinister Cinema, but if you haven't seen their stuff I think you should. The new catalog is available soon and you can also order on line or by phone. Contact info is at the bottom of this writing.

In closing all I can say is that Sinister appeals to me because I grew up in the day and age of small black and white TV's that I watched great movies on as a child, and sometimes the reception wasn't the best, but I was mesmerized anyway. I'm not too picky. The company has a lot of great Euro horror and western titles plus film noir, sword and sandal, horror, sci-fi, exploitation, spaghetti westerns, silents, forgotten horrors, and countless others. Got another batch today and the reviews will follow in the next few weeks.

Thanks Greg for all that you do and to be honest I don't know where I would be it not for Sinister. Keep up the terrific work.

Contact them at: Sinister Cinema PO Box 4369 Dept. C, Medford, OR 97501-0168 or phone them at (541)-773-6860. They can also be contacted at the following web address.....


  1. sinister has some wonderful titles
    thank you for the story

    1. Thanks for reading it an the comment.