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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Finally I got to see this film after a 44 year wait.

Stephen Boyd is a wealthy man who lives in a secluded mansion and is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother. His lonely life is interrupted when he givers refuge to a beautiful fugitive played by the incredibly sexy Marisa Mell.

Mell is the splitting image of his missing wife. This causes him to go even more insane as time passes. The two develop a bizarre relationship which leads down the road of insanity.

A lot of people had seen this on TV in the early 80's, but I never had the chance. The print from Sinister is missing the few nude scenes Mell has, which is a shame, but the movie is still good even without those.

Boyd gives a great performance as a man driven slowly insane by his own personal demons, and Mell steals the show with her stunning beauty. Thanks go to Greg Luce for letting us finally see this film. Recommended!!


  1. this film sounds really good i wanna see it

    1. it is very good!!! I waited 44 years to see it!!!