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Saturday, March 14, 2015


I had an interesting double feature the other day.

First up was IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA 1955 from Columbia. Ken Tobey, Donald Curtis and Faith Domergue star in this film about a giant octopus invading San Francisco.

The Ray Harryhausen effects are still miles ahead of the modern CGI crap, and the scenes of destruction are very well handled. The standout being the Golden gate Bridge scene.

Tobey is always excellent as the military hero and Domergue is great as usual. This is a fun little thriller from the mid 50's.

The second feature I looked at was BEWARE THE BLOB 1972. Larry Hagman directed this sequel to the original 1958 thriller. Godfrey Cambridge is a worker on the Alaskan pipeline who brings home a piece of the Blob, which his wife takes out of the freezer. it promptly thaws and begins another rampage of horror eating everybody in sight.

The cast of this film is impressive as hell. You have Robert Walker, Jr, Godfrey Cambridge, gorgeous Marlene Clark, Carol Lynley, Richard Stahl, Burgess Meridith, Richard Webb, Shelley Berman, Tiger Joe Marsh and the director himself in a small role as well.

To me this is a great film that I saw when I was 9 in the summer of 1972 and there were several scenes that scared the you know what out of me. A great way to spend a Saturday morning.

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