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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Two very low budget independent films I can really recommend.

NIGHT FRIGHT 1968 (MILL CREEK)...This is a Texas made sci-fi film written by Russ Marker and directed by James Sullivan. John Agar stars as a sheriff in a small town that is investigating several murders. It seems an alien is responsible. The creature was created by a NASA project called "Operation Noah's Ark". The creature is suppose to be a melding of all the animal life that was mutated while in space.

People claim this is a remake of a film entitled "Demon From Devil's Lake", but I maintain it IS the same film. I enjoy any film made in Texas during the 60's. Other cast members such as Bill Thurman, Roger Ready and Carole Gilly appear in many such productions helmed in the south during this period. This film is really no worse than many others, so ignore what people say and see it for yourself.

THE ALIEN DEAD 1979 (RETROMEDIA)...Fred Olen Ray directed this zombie film about a boatload of passengers whose yacht is hit by a meteor. The dead come back as flesh eating ghouls and terrorize a small southern swamp town in Florida. I always enjoy this little film. Buster Crabbe is the Sheriff who really doesn't really do much.

A film made from hunger and love, and one that I will always recommend to anyone. Both of these made for a great Saturday double feature.

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