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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Low budget, but entertaining B movie.

Charles Napier stars as Sheriff Nate Culver in this off the wall film about an alien invasion.

Two sheriff deputies are transporting two prisoners to another jail when they happen upon three people stranded on the road side. The three are Prof. Chambers (Hoke Howell), his granddaughter and another young woman.

At the same time aliens have begun an invasion of Earth and while they are destroying everything in sight and taking human and animal specimens aboard their ships the seven people in the police van have an accident and must find shelter in a rain storm.

Unknown to them, the cave they find is being used by the aliens as a headquarters. The monster costumes are very good and the alien spaceships are done strictly by computer and therefore lack a lot, but what can you do with a super low budget?

Napier and Howell turn in the best performances, of course as both are vets at this kind of stuff.

The people vs. monsters in a cave scenes are well done and it appears that is where most of the money went. This is included on many 50 pack movie collections from Mill Creek, and if you get a chance, check it out. It's really no better or worse than anything else turned out in this time period.

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