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Sunday, May 21, 2017


One of many Italian "Star Wars" ripoffs.

The plot is pretty simple. Earth is attacked by an intergalactic madman and his robot army.

The robots wear silver uniforms and have the same bad blonde wigs on. The alien is on a quest to gather up slave stock for his planet.

One scene shows the aliens getting their slaves from Africa and i know this makes people a little bit nervous. But later it is said that people from other countries are being grabbed for slaves as well, so I guess that makes it better.

One thing I noticed is that in the opening credits the cast is presented in alphabetical order, which isn't true, but hey, I'm nitpicking.

the movie is full of bizarre costumes and gorgeous babes, so what more could you ask for? The print from Mill Creek is ok, but I do wish it was wide screen.

Director Alfonso Brescia, known as Al Bradley here in the states made three films which use the same costumes, effects and cast. Turn off your brain and enjoy this Italian trash.

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