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Friday, May 12, 2017


Hard hitting Anthony Mann film noir.

Dennis O' Keefe and Alfred Ryder star as two Treasury agents who go undercover to stop a counterfeit money ring.

O' Keefe is Dennis O' Brien and Ryder is Tony Genaro. Both men use phony names to infiltrate the criminal empire, and they find both their lives in danger every step of the way.

Genaro is seen by his wife and she accidentally blows his cover, and, of course, he pays for it with his life. This scene is played out in one of the most intense ways I have ever seen in a film noir, and once seen you never forget it.

O' Brien is left alone to stop the crime ring and he is almost caught on several occasions. The action is hot and heavy until the final stunning conclusion.

Wallace Ford also stars as a character called The Schemer and it is his sleazy presence that almost gets O' Brien killed.

Film noir doesn't get any better than this and I cannot recommend this enough. The supporting cast also includes many familiar faces in these kinds of films including Charles McGraw, Mary Meade, Jane Randolph, John Wengraf and June Lockhart.

If you like this kind of movie, I suggest you add it to your collection. It's essential viewing.

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