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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Strange little film, but a good one.

Bobby Troup is a sociologist who is studying musical tastes. He comes to the conclusion that Calypso music is going to be more popular than rock and roll.

He meets a young singer named Jo Thomas (Judy Tyler) and tries to convince her and her boss at the nightclub she sings at to change their music over.

Needless to say this does not go over well, at first that is. Tyler is very good as the young singer who has a great voice and is very hesitant to change to a new form.

The musical acts include Lord Flea, Nino Tempo, and the Goofers. The music is good and it keeps the story moving. It is interesting to note that Calypso didn't overtake rock music, but it's still a fun watch.

I have seen this movie a few times and this and Jailhouse Rock always brings to mind the tragic ending to Judy Tyler's life. She was killed in an auto accident in Wyoming along with her newlywed husband. She never saw this film or Jailhouse Rock. Judy was 24 and her husband was 19.

If you get a chance you might check out this obscure picture.

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