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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Very odd Euro horror.

Klaus Kinski stars as Dr. Francis Clay who runs a mental institution for women. The movie starts off showing a masked killer stalking the grounds, so you know right away there will be trouble.

The killer does in his victims in many gruesome ways while the doctors are baffled. Finally the police are called and they doctors are scolded for not calling them sooner.

Kinski acts a little more sane in this film and his character is having an affair with a married patient named Cheryl Hume (beautiful Margaret Lee). There is plenty of sex in this film as well and although it serves nothing to the plot, it is always nice to see Rosalba Neri naked.

The killer is finally revealed towards the end of the film, but a final savage murder spree happens before the killer is finally brought to justice.

Not my favorite Euro horror, but a well done one for fans of the genre and the cast. Again seeing Neri naked as well as Margaret Lee is a definite plus.

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