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Saturday, May 6, 2017


Oh my God what a film! It has been a very long time since I saw this.

Jerry Gross produced this David Durston directed gem about a violent group of devil worshiping hippies that come to a very small, almost deserted town and start raising havoc.

They sexually assault a woman and her younger brother vows revenge, especially after they attack his grandfather and feed the old man LSD!

The young boy decides to infect meat pies with the blood of a rabid dog he has killed and give them to the hungry hippies. This proves disastrous as the hippies go homicidal and they spread the rabies as they go.

Soon every construction worker on a near by site is infected and foaming at the mouth. The infected are afraid of water and it makes for some interesting scenes as people fight off ax wielding psychos with a water hose!!! But hey, this is super fun stuff.

There are some gore effects such as a man losing his liver, a leg being cut off and a hand sawed off by a carving knife and these are handled ok.

I have read a lot of criticism about this film because of scenes involving rats being killed. Who the hell cares??? They are rats, and yes a chicken is killed, and again I ask who cares? I have killed many for food and will continue to do so.

If people could get past that crap they would see a very entertaining and bizarre film that is recommended viewing for any horror fan. The 70's was a great time for bizarre cinema!!

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