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Saturday, May 13, 2017


This film was made back in 1962 and never got a release until now.

Not too bad mixture of crime, horror and comedy in this ultra rare black and white indie shot in Philadelphia.

Three men rob a mansion of jewels and escape in an ambulance. They make their way to an old abandoned house which just so happens to be where 5 ghosts live.

The ghosts decide to kill the men in "the most horrible way imaginable". One by one they meet their fate, and the head gangster also happens to keep seeing a mysterious young woman who vanishes when she wants.

The first man is tied up and drowned, the second is killed by a crawling hand, and the third...well his fate is pretty cool, and I'll let you see the film to discover what it is.

Directed by Ralph Hirshorn and left unseen for 54 years, this little film finally gets to the light of day on a beautiful Blu-ray transfer from the directors 16mm print. The title on the film is "Oswald, You Botched It Again".

I enjoyed this 64 minute film and while it may not be for everyone, it is nice to see something so rare get a chance to finally be seen. The disc also includes a bizarre short from the same director entitled The End Of Summer (1959). That is one bizarre 11 minutes.

All in all this is another essential if you are into obscure horror films and regional ones. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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