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Friday, May 19, 2017


Pretty interesting film with tinges of sci-fi elements.

Mervyn Johns stars as an escaped Nazi doctor who kills a British doctor and impersonates him.

The reason he has done this is to work on an antidote for a deadly bacteria that the Germans want to try and use during the next war.

His plans work flawlessly until he falls for the young woman working as his assistant. He cannot have her, of course, and this causes him to lose sight of his actual project.

Johns carries the character perfectly and meets a demise worthy of the best film noir. The plot is very good and so is the acting as it depicts a world where a terrible war has just ended and it trying to put itself back together again.

The print from Mill Creek is awful, but watchable. I do wish the film looked a bit better and Mill Creek should get a better print. However, it really didn't detract once you get into the film.

This is an oddity I had never heard of and I did enjoy it.

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