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Monday, May 29, 2017


Film debut of Shannon Tweed.

Peter Weller stars as a rising executive who has recently remodeled his townhouse. He has a beautiful wife (Shannon Tweed) and a child, and seems to be stable and well off.

His wife and child take a short trip and almost immediately after they leave Weller's character of Bart Hughes finds he may have a rat infestation problem. His job keeps him so busy that he really pays no mind until things get even worse.

Exterminators are called, traps are set, but the rodent eats the traps and chews up the check left for the exterminator. It soon become apparent that Bart has a most unusual visitor to his home.

This is one of the most unusual films I have ever seen as far as man vs. rodent goes. Weller does very well as a man slowly driven to the edge of sanity by a highly intelligent rodent who is bigger than most rats and also likes to eat cats.

Everything in this film is so over the top and it actually works very, very well. This was actually my first time ever viewing this movie and it was a treat.

Director George Cosmatos handles the film very well and brings out the best in everyone involved. Tweed's character of Meg, the wife of Bart isn't really given too much to do in her film debut, but she looks hotter than hell and that is fine with me.

I found the end of this film a hoot and if you've seen it you will too. Recommended!!

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