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Sunday, May 7, 2017

RIP QUINN O' HARA 1941-2017

The Scottish born sex kitten has passed away at the age of 76.

O' Hara started her acting career in 1956 on an episode of Dragnet and from there moved into films.

Her two most familiar film were the 1965 AIP horror comedy "Ghost In The Invisible Bikini" in which she played Sinistra, the very sexy daughter of Basil Rathbone's character Reginald Ripper. Her performance in that film is something I will never forget.

The other film is Larry Buchanan's "In The Year 2889" in which she starred as Jada, the ultra sexy girlfriend of a gangster. The film revolved around the last seven people left alive after an atomic war.

She had many, many TV appearances including shows like "Beverly Hillbillies", "The Fall Guy", "T.J. Hooker" and more.Quinn O' Hara may not be as well known as many other actresses, but once you saw her you never forgot her. She passed away on May 5th.

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