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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Interesting and different voodoo thriller.

This is a pretty cool "blaxploitation" film about a voodoo priestess who dies and the four people who are called to her house for the reading of her will.

The four have never met before and soon all of them are at the mansion. Beautiful Janee Michelle stars as Lorena Christophe, one of the people who have gathered at the house.

Soon they begin to die one by one from mysterious circumstances with a voodoo symbol next to their bodies. Victor French is Dr. Andrew Cunningham, a man who has studied voodoo and he tries to save the others, but all are killed and Lorena is picked as a sacrifice of the voodoo cult that is behind the killings.

This is not as famous of a black horror film as others i.e. Blacula, but it is fun and does have a rather bizarre and very interesting climax.

The rest of the cast includes Jean Durand, Mike Evans, Lloyd Nelson and Xernona Clayton. If you like "blaxploitation" horror films I could easily recommend this. I enjoyed it a lot.

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