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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Tamara was taken much too early at the age of 59.

One of my favorite actresses of all time, she was tall at 6'2", black and beautiful and most of all a VERY talented lady.

Dobson appeared in a few films in her brief career, most notably "Cleopatra Jones" and Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold".

In both of these films Dobson ruled the screen with her persona, height and fantastic good looks. I have never seen her in anything I didn't enjoy and it was a shame when she passed away from pneumonia and multiple sclerosis at a young age.

She was born in Baltimore on May 14th, 1947 and died there on Oct. 2nd, 2006. To me she was always one of the best and I think she has been severely underrated by most film fans and critics.

Thanks Tamara for the wonderful memories you have left this movie lover over the years.

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