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Monday, May 15, 2017


The terrific follow up to the original Cleopatra Jones.

Once again gorgeous Tamara Dobson is Cleopatra Jones, and this time she is kicking ass in Hong Kong.

Cleo is trying to find the head of a very large heroine ring run by a mysterious and very cruel woman known as The Dragon Lady (Stella Stevens). This Lady is also holding two of Cleo's childhood friends captive after they have been caught during a drug turf takeover.

Jones is helped in Hong Kong by a lovely young female agent named Mi Ling played by Ni Tien. There is a ton of action in this film, and it's colorful settings are a treat for the eye.

Dobson is simply stunning in her exotic and beautiful wardrobe. In her climactic battle with Stevens she really shows what she has got.

Sir Run Run Shaw produced this film and it has all the earmarks of a great chop socky flick. Fists and feet fly fast and furious and the spectacular destruction of the Dragon Lady's casino is a true work of film art.

I highly recommend this little gem of the blaxploitation field.

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