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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 this is the fisrt is the mexican series about Popoca the living Mummy, who must guard an ancient treasure for all eternity.
A doctor (Ramon Gay) discovers his fiancee is the reincarnation of a princess who was killed in a ceremony invlving Popoca, and now with information provided during hypnosis, he attempts to gain entrance into the tomb for scientific reasons. They soon find a master criminal, The Bat, is following them in order to steal the treasure.
Soon all hell breaks loose, the treasure is stolen by the scientist and the mummy rises to seek revenge. The Bat turns out to be a friend of the doctor and the mummy is finally laid to rest again.
This is an amzing movie, and very telling of Mexican cinema. It has no english dialogue track, but you really don't need it.
I simply love Mexican movies, and this is a prime example. The lovely Rosita Arenas is perfect as Flora and the rest of the cast is very good as well and turn up in lots of other Mexican horror films. Very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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