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Friday, October 7, 2011


I have seen this movie dozens of times and never tire of it at all. This version is the official release from Shout and it is available in both the US cut and the International cut which is about 10 minutes longer.
Joseph Cotton plays Dr. Frankenstein who is attempting to create life when he suddenly finds his lovely daughter home from school. His daughter Tania is played by gorgeous Sara Bay (Rosalba Neri) and it seems as if she has the same ideas as her father.
He soon brings his hulking man to life only to be killed by his insane creation, which them goes on a killing spree across the country. This of course brings Capt. Harris (Mickey Hargitay) into the story as a vengeful police detective who likes nobody and wants to arrest everyone.
The creature is a scarred mess from a fire that burned his face during creation and he is quite a sight to see as he kills many, many people as he roams the countryside looking for the graverobbers who helped get the parts to make him.
Meanwhile, Tania is busy creating the perfect man for her bizarre sexual needs, which are really only hinted at, but you'll get the idea.
Mel Wells, who played Gravis Mushnick in Little Shop of Horrors directed this, and he does an excellent job. Roger Corman's New World picked this up for release in1973 and it proved to be a box office winner. I highly recommend this version from Shout. Long Love Rosalba Neri!!

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