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Saturday, October 29, 2011


When you say Zombie movie the first thing most fans of horror think of is this all time classic film from George A. Romero.
Made in 1978 at the Monroeville Mall, this is a continuation from Night Of The Living Dead with the dead increasing in numbers and the living loosing ground. Four people escape Philadelphia and head to a seculded mall and then they decide to stay and make a life for themselves.
The zombies are ever menacing and the four protagonists are very fleshed out characters thanks to great acting by Ken Foree, David Emge, Gaylen Ross and Scott Reiniger.
A landmark film in the history of horror, this is what a great film should be. The Anchor Bay four disc set is still the best DVD set ever released for ANY film.
2 documentaries, hundreds of interviews, a Monroeville Mall tour, and much mych more are included as well as 3 versions of the movie.
Movies don't get better than this and if you haven't seen this film you simply must!!! One of my top five movies of all time.

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