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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love this movie!! John Agar and Hugh Beaumont star as explorers who find a mysterious subterranian world run by albino people who rule a race of mole people they use as slave labor. The albino race decides to kill Agar and Beaumont because they fear them. Nestor Pavia is also on had as another scientist but he dies after being attacked by a mole man.
Agar is one of my favorite actors and no matter what he was in I had to watch it. Cynthia Patrick is his girlfriend in this bizarre world and she actually escapes with John to the surface only to die seconds later after an earthquake.
The ending is a bummer but it still works very well for the story. I love the monster costumes and I can only say I love this movie a lot.
This is for lovers of 50's horror and a great Halloween movie.

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