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Saturday, October 29, 2011


One of my five favorite films of all time, this film is a student made film from 1967 that Jack Harris bought, had some new scenes shot and released as a feature in 1970. Four young people travel into the mountains to meets with a college professor only to find him missing and a strange book which turns out to be a bible of evil.
They run into a Ranger who just happens to be Satan and he creates a few monsters to destroy the four and get the book back.
This is a two disc special with the theatrical version of the movie, and the original film as is was made by film students including Dennis Muran. One of the best sets you could ever own for your collection, and Criterion does it's usual smash job of presenting it.
The second disc is all the supplements including interviews with Frank Bonner and much more. Check it out!! It is excellent Halloween viewing, and was some of the inspiration for the Evil Dead.

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