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Thursday, October 27, 2011


One of the besy Mexican sci0fi films ever made!! Known here as Ship of Monsters, this story is about two incredibly sexy female aliens played by Anna Berthe Lepe and Lorena Velazquez who land on earth and bring with them a robot and several weird looking monsters.
They meet a singing cowboy played by Eulalio Gonzalez aka "Piporro" with whom Lepe falls in love. Velazquez is the evil alien who is also a vampire, and she eventually lets the monsters loose. They include a cyclops, a huge brained creature and a hairy insect type being as well as a laughing skeleton!! Incredible is all I can say, but this is an excellent film and one not to be missed by sci-fi fans.
There are no subtitles provided, but do you really need them?? Recommended!!

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