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Monday, October 31, 2011


This is my all time favorite Italian horror film, and it is one of the strangest Euro-horror films ever. Mickey Hargitay plays Travis Anderson, a man who has chosen to live in seclusion in an old castle that several models and photographers come to to take pictures for lurid book covers.
Walter Brandi and Alfredo Rizzo are both agent and talent scout while Rita Klien, Luisa Baratto and the very sexy Femi Benussi are some of the models.
After several strange deaths the group becomes aware they are being stalked by a madman who turns out to be Travis who thinks he is the actual former owner of the castle, The Crimson Executioner, a man who was put to death in the 17th century for torturing people.
Before long the women find themselves being tortured with knives, hot molten lead, the stretching rack and more. This is great kitch and over the top pulp fun if I ever saw it.
The print from Mill Creek is wide screen and excellent.

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