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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Underrated horror film from John Cardos stars Wings Hauser as a young man on a getaway with his brother and they are forced off the road by rednecks and then forced to stay in a very small southern town until the car gets fixed.
They soon find the town is slowly being overrun by blood hungry zombies who used to be ordinary people, but have been infected by chemicals from a nearby mysterious facility.
Bo Hopkins is the sheriff and the zombies are pretty damn good and convincing as well. There are some genuine shocks including a young child who is killed by his classmates, who are now bloodsuckers as well.
Cardos has made a lot of good films in his day and this isno exception.
All the actors are very good in their roles and the action, once it gets going never stops. If you want a good Halloween movie, this is one to watch.

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