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Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is easily the best of the many documentaries that have come out this year. This looks at the Filipino film industry from the late 60's thru to the early 80's and shines the light onmany facts that film fans just didn't know.
You have interviews with Chris Mitchum, Sam Sherman, Roger Corman, Sig Haig and many, many more. This is a one of a kind show that really delves into one of the most facsinating times in filmmaking history. Eddie Romero and Cirio Santiago are also spoken with, and many, many clips are shown from everything including Big Doll House to For Your Height Only!!
If you have ever seen the Blood Island films, WIP films or anything like it you need to see this great disc!! Extras include much more in-depth interviews with some of the people in these films, an entire trailer package of all these films, and much more.
One of the best releases of the year. Check it out!!

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