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Monday, October 17, 2011


With the release of the remake of a remake of The Thing, I figured it was time to watch the best one and review it here.
A small scientific team in the arctic and a group of military men investigate the crash landing of something in that appears at first to be a regualr aircraft.. Turns out to be a spaceship and it's inhabitant.
Kenneth Tobey is the leader of the military and he does one of his finest acting jobs. Robery Cornthwaite is the scientist who wants to communicate with the alien invader, who is actually only out to kill the earthlings for their blood.
The dialogue overlaps as it would and does in real life adding a great sense of reality to the proceedings. James Arness is the very tall and agressive alien menace.
This is one of the greatest American films ever made, and even thought it is credited to director Chris Nyby, we all know Howard Hawks did the actual direction.
Highly Recommended film that is one of the first to feature an alien invader. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!!!!!

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