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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MUTANT X 2001-2004 (ADV)

This is a very interesting show that ran from 2001 thru 2004 about a small group of people who possess powers because of genetic engineering. These people try and save the earth from various threats and keep their identities a secret at the same time.
The show is very interesting and had very high ratings but was canceled when the production company was disbanded without warning.
I have to recommend this to anyone who likes good sci-fi. It is a hard show to find on DVD, but I managed to get a few second season episodes and I am impressed. One os the stars of the show is the always sexy Victoris Pratt as Shalamar Fox, a mutant combination of animal and human DNA. Pratt was also in another show I enjoyed called Cleopatra 2525. The others in the cast include Forbes March, Victor Webster, John Shea and Lauren Lee Smith.
Recommended if you can find it. I hope it gets re-released soon.

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