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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Another great Paul Naschy horror film about an evil warlock who has his head cut off in the 16th century and then his wife is also killed. Moving into 1972 several people go looking for the body and unleash a terror they have no idea how to handle.
This is Naschy's take on the 1958 Universal film The Thing That Couldn't Die as his warlocks severed head takes control of several people in order to find it's body and become re-attached. Helga Line is the warlock's wife who is also brought back to life and together the two seek fresh victims around the countryside, and they even have a small army of the living dead to help them!!
This movie has great atmosphere, as do all Spanish movies of the period.
Naschy and Line make a great evil couple and if you're a fan of Euro horror, you'll love this.

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