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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A very off the wall but enjoyable film from William Castle.

This film I fell is overlooked by many Castle fans and that's a shame because it's a very good little film that is really hard to categorize.

The teenage daughter of a diplomat conducts espionage while on vacation from a school for daughters of diplomats. Kathy Dunn is Candy Hull whose father is a high ranking diplomat involved in a case. Her father is played by Hugh Marlowe.

Candy soon finds herself the most wanted spy in the world and is captured by evil Red Chinese who think she is a super spy. This leads to even more problems as one would expect.

The rest of the cast includes Murray Hamilton, Joyce Taylor (who really never looked better in a film than she does here), Khigh Dhiegh, Charlie Briggs and the stunning Judy Pace in her screen debut. Not a horror film, but a good movie for some thrills and I recommend it.

This has been released on a very good set from Mill Creek with four other Castle films entitled The William Castle Collection. The print is excellent as usual.

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