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Monday, October 26, 2015


An excellent Hammer film that to me is vastly underrated.

Andre Morell stars in this tale about young people dying of a mysterious plague in a small Cornish village. Morell is Sir James Forbes and he is called to this small town by a former student of his who is now a doctor.

Forbes arrives in the town with his lovely daughter Sylvia (Diane Clare) in tow. They both soon discover that the little village is run by a squire named Clive Hamilton who rules with an iron fist. John Carson gives a top notch performance as Hamilton.

It is discovered that Hamilton is practicing voodoo rites and bringing the dead back ti life to work in an old tin mine outside of town. The zombies are pretty cool looking, and the best scene in the film is the nightmare sequence with the dead coming out of the ground.

This is a great film for the Halloween season and one that shouldn't be missed by any fan of horror or Hammer. The rest of the cast includes Jacqueline Pearce and Michael Ripper.Recommended!!

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