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Friday, October 2, 2015


A very light, but very entertaining Boris Karloff vehicle.

Lew Landers directed this fun little film in which a young woman attempts to convert a run down hotel into a place people would really want to stay, despite the oddball people living there and the bodies in the cellar.

Karloff is Nathaniel Billings, a rather off the wall gentleman who has aspirations to become a great inventor. His latest device is supposed to make men into "supermen" to help the war effort, but all it does is add bodies to the already full secret room.

Peter Lorre is Mr. Arthur Lorentz, another wired gentleman who helps Karloff in his bizarre plan. The laughs are well done and some of the sight gags work, some don't. The title makes no sense, but who cares. This is a fun film with two of the greatest actors of my time playing comedy off of each other.

Karloff andd Lorre would be in another comedy many years later called "The Raven" directed by Roger Corman. This film completed Karloff's six picture deal with Columbia. Mill Creek's print is flawless. Recommended!

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