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Sunday, October 11, 2015


This is considered to be one of William Castle's best films.

This film opens with a beautiful young woman asking a young bell boy at a hotel to marry her on a certain day and in return he will get a lot of money.

They visit a Justice of The Peace and as soon as the ceremony is over the woman, Emily brutally kills the JP and then flees the scene. This opens up an investigation that takes some very dark and disturbing turns.

This is probably the best post "Psycho" film ever made, and Jean Arless aka Joan Marshall steals the show as Emily, a very deranged and violent killer. I won't say much more about the film as it would spoil a lot of fun for those that haven't seen it, but lets just say it's very twisted and some of the suspense scene work very, very well.

The rest of the cast includes Glenn Corbett, Patricia Breslin, and Gilbert Green. This is included on the Mill Creek set entitled "The William Castle Horror Collection". The print looks very good and I cannot recommend this entire set enough. I hope Mill Creek continues to release such sets.

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