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Monday, October 5, 2015


The Three Stooges' last film.

This is one of the Stooges funniest films. They are working for a wildlife conservation magazine in Boston, and their boss, who hates them sends them out west with a reporter named Kenneth Cabot (Adam West) to report of the vanishing buffalo herds.

The Stooges cause so much trouble in the old west they find they are being sought by every gunslinger in history! Cabot is called into a gunfight with a notorious killer known as "Trigger" Mortis played by character actor Mort Mills. Unknown to him the very sexy Annie Oakley, played by Nancy Kovack, helps him out by shooting her gun instead.

This leads everyone to believe that Cabot is the fastest gun in the west and the trouble escalates. All I can say is that this is sheer fun, especially for Stooge fans. I can't see anyone going wrong with this great comedy. i was first introduced to this film on a Thanksgiving morning many years ago.

The rest of the stellar cast includes Henry Gibson (as a hip talking Indian), Emil Sitka, Rex Holman (as the Sunstroke Kid) and Don Lamond as Rance Roden, the man behind the buffalo slaughter.

The print from Mill Creek is very good and the film is highly recommended!!

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