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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Well what can I possibly say?

Most, if not everyone who reads this is familiar with Manos. I was first introduced to this little gem in the mid 80's when i orered a VHS tape of it from Sinister Cinema. I knew right then this was something very odd, yet for me, very compelling as well.

Most people became aware of this film thru the 1993 airing on MST3K, an even though I detest that show, at least it got the film in the public consciousness. Not long ago the original film elements were bought on Ebay. Ben Solovey is the man who bought this print and discovered it said "WORKPRINT" and went about trying to restore this little gem.

Ben started a kickstarter campaign and the money was raised to get this film restored. Thank God a company like Synapse decided to put this on Blu-Ray. The film has never looked better than it does here.

Hal Warren stars as Michael a man who is taking a vacation with his young wife Margaret and their daughter as well as the family poodle. They take a wrong turn and end up at the weird house of "The Master" which is being looked after by a very, very strange man named Torgo (John Reynolds).

Soon the poodle is killed, Torgo tries to grope Margaret and Michael is running thru the desert with a flashlight and gun looking for whatever killed the pooch. "The Master" is revived and her also revives his six!! wives. The women do nothing but bicker about whether the child should die or be made into a bride of Manos.

Tom Neyman is "The Master" and he runs around in a huge robe with two red hands on it and his pet doberman. Torgo's hand is burned off and one of the wives is set up for sacrifice, and when Mick, Margaret and Debbie attempt escape...well lets just say they have a very interesting fate in store for them.

Four several years I have been waiting for the final restoration and the Blu-ray release. I followed every step of the kickstarter campaign and when it was finally announced that Manos was coming out I was very relieved.

The film looks fabulous, better than any other print out there. One the Blu-ray you have three extras which are very informative about the back story of this film.

Daniel Griffith and his wonderful company, Ballyhoo Motion Pictures has made a very informative 30 minute documentary entitled HANDS: THE FATE OF MANOS which presents several people connected with the film including Tom Neyman, Jackey Raye Neyman-Jones and Diana Mahree. They tell some very interesting and sometimes funny and bittersweet stories about the film and how is was made. they even talk about it's disastrous premier in Nov. 15th, 1966.

You also have a short documentary on the restoration of the film and a short look at a puppet show about the film in a documentary entitled "FELT:THE PUPPET HANDS OF FATE". There is also the un-restored version of the film on the disc as well as audio commentary by Tom Neyman and his daughter Jackie Raye Neyman-Jones.

Griffith always does an excellent job with Ballyhoo and their documentaries. This is no exception. This entire DVD is really high on the best releases of the year voting in my opinion. If there is one DVD you should pick up this year, Manos is the one. I can't see how anyone could be disappointed in this. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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