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Thursday, October 8, 2015


I have reviewed this here a while back, but the new release from Mill Creek warrants a second look.

Guy Wolfe is third billed, but actually should be the star of this film as he has the title role of Mr. Sardonicus.

This is a William Castle thriller about a man who steals a winning lottery ticket off of his father's corpse and then finds his face is frozen in a horrifying grimace. He summons a doctor from England to help him with his ailment.

The doctor is played by Ronald Lewis and he still has feelings for the woman that actually married Sardonicus. She is played by lovely Audrey Dalton.

Doctor Cargrave cannot guarantee that he can help Baron Sardonicus, but he tries what he can under threat of death to himself and Sardonicus' own wife Maude. Oscar Homolka is excellent as Krull, the very cruel but faithful servant of Sardonicus.

Of course since this is a Castle film, there is a gimmick and it is called "The Punishment Poll". this enabled the audience to vote at the end of the movie if Sardonicus should be punished for his crimes while trying to be cured. Fun stuff indeed.

Recommended for horror fans. This is sold as part of the five film collection from Mill Creek entitled "The William Castle Horror Collection".

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