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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


A great Paul Naschy horror film.

Naschy is Gotho, a hunchback whom nobody likes. Children throw rock at him and even medical students assault him! His only friend is a sickly young woman who is dying. Gotho brings her flowers every day and when she dies he refuses to accept it and steals her body from the morgue after bloodily dispatching the two doctors.

He seeks the help of a mad doctor who promises to bring the dead girl back to life. The doctor is busy creating a new living beaing he keeps in a jar in the lab until it starts growing an needing more humans to eat. Gotho brings him the bodies he needs in hopes the doctor will bring his love back to life.

Things get out of hand an the doctor is killed by his bizarre creation. This creation is an odd looking blob-like manthing that roars an does nothing but kill.

Rosanna Yanni is a lovely doctor that almost falls victim to the monster. I found this a very likable film an I think too many people cry and bellyache about the scene where live rats are set on fire. My thought is who the hell cares? They are only rats for gods sake and people need to get over it.

The print from Sinister is very good, and I believe this also make for good Halloween viewing.

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