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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Looked at some of my favorite films the other day getting ready for the BIG day.

EQUINOX 1970 (CRITERION)...This has been reviewed here before as well. A group of four young people gets mixed up with a book on satanism, giant demons and Satan himself. The special effects are by David Allen, Dennis Muren and Jim Danforth.

This is one of my Ten favorite films of all time and I was first introduced to it on CREATURE FEATURES hosted by Bob Wilkins on KTVU. Good Halloween fun here.

The second film I watched was TRILOGY OF TERROR 1973 (ANCHOR BAY)...Karen Black stars in three terror tales, the last one called "Amelia" deals with a living Zuni Fetish doll and is still perhaps the most terrifying thing ever seen on TV, except for maybe Hillary Clinton.

Political jokes aside, this is a top notch made for TV thriller that should always be viewed this time of year.

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