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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A true modern classic.

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino hit upon the idea of making a film that would actually be a double feature that would hearken back to the days of the old dilapidated theaters of old where you could see several films for one very low price. They succeeded very well in my opinion.

When first released on DVD both films were released separately and that was a stupid idea. Now on Blu-ray it finally comes in it's original release format. The trailers and bumpers are all included.

The film kicks off with a trailer for a film entitled "Machete" which was actually made into a film a couple of years later. The first film is entitled "Planet Terror" and it's the film by Rodriguez. A chemical is released into the air and soon a small town in Texas is overrun by mutated flesh eating zombies.

The incredibly sexy Rose McGowan is Cherry, a down on her luck pole dancer that looses a leg when a group of zombies tear it off. Her former lover, El Wray (Fred Rodriguez) attaches a machine gun to her stump! There is plenty of blood and guts in this exploitation classic. They even made the film look scratched and spliced, just like the films I used to run at the theater I worked at many years ago.

The rest of the cast for this great movie includes Michael Parks, Marley Shelton, Josh Brolin, Electra and Elise Avellan, Bruce Willis, Tom Savini and Stacy Ferguson. This is a very good film that shouldn't be missed.

Between this film and the next there are more classic "mock" trailers for such films as "Werewolf Women of The SS", "Thanksgiving" and "Don't". There are classics unto themselves and some of the people that appear in these include Sybil Danning, Udo Kier, Cheech Marin and Sherri Moon Zombie.

The second film is called "Death Proof" and stars Kurt Russell as "Stuntman Mike" who kills women in a very well constructed stunt car. The action sequences in this feature real cars doing 80 plus miles an hour own the highway and contains some spectacular stunts.

This one is a little slower than "Planet Terror" director Tarantino really delivers the goods once the story gets rolling. The cast for this gem includes Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito and the gorgeous Sydney Tamila Portier as "Jungle Julia".

This segment contains many, many movie references and that makes it fun for people like me that can relate to them all. The shirt Jungle Julia wears is taken from one of my all time favorite films "American Hot Wax". This is a good bet for action fans.

All in all the film is great fun and runs over 3 hours. Highly Recommended!! It is a two disc set and the second disc contains tons of Get this Blu-ray.

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