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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


In May of 1976 this regional horror thriller made it's way across the country.

I didn't happen to ever see this until it was broadcast on KCPX from Salt Lake City on Nightmare Theater, and I have loved it ever since.

A beautiful young woman uses tarantulas to get revenge on her classmates that have been a thorn in her side for way too long. Gorgeous Suzanna Ling makes her only film appearance as Susan, the young woman with a love for eight legged creatures.

After a group of punks break into her home, which is also a mortuary (that is her fathers job) and kill her favorite spider, she exacts a terrible revenge at a drive in theater showing "Dirty Harry".

More deaths follow and her father's brother who is a detective running for higher office becomes suspicious. He discovers that Susan is behind the killing, but protects her because he wants to marry her. He even kills a witness to protect her. Susan in turn, wants nothing to do with him and when he makes a very rough advance, she takes care of him in a most bizarre and interesting way.

I stated already that I like this film a lot. It has a very 70's feel to it and it brings back fond memories of late night TV viewing. It is perfect for the Halloween season. It is too bad that Suzanna Ling never made any other films, as she does a very good job here. Filmed in Columbus, Georgia. Recommended!

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