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Thursday, October 29, 2015


One of my all time favorite films FINALLY comes to Blu-ray.

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee head a great cast in this fine Amicus anthology thriller. Paramount released this in the US and it has taken forever to reach the digital entertainment age. Thanks to Olive, it has finally happened.

The film consists of five tale told to passengers in a small rail car by Dr. Schreck (Cushing)using Tarot cards. The first tale consists of an architect who returns to the home he sold and soon finds a werewolf seeking revenge.

The second story is about a young couple coming back from vacation only to find a mysterious creeping vine is taking over their home, and if not controlled it may take over the world.

The third tale involves a musician who steals a tune from a voodoo god and must pay the price.

The fourth stars Lee as an art critic who kills a man and then is haunted by his disembodied hand. This episode has some genuinely creepy moments.

The fifth and final segment stars Donald Sutherland as a young doctor in a small town who marries a woman that turns out to be a vampire, but that is not the final twist in this great little tale.

The Blu-ray looks very good and the film is in it's proper aspect ratio. For years I have had a bootleg of this from KWGN TV in Denver that I recorded years ago so I thank God that Olive has finally decided to releas this film that should please any horror fan.

The rest of the cast includes Roy Castle, Jennifer Jayne, Max Adrian, Michael Gough, Bernard Lee and Kenny Lynch.

This is easily one of the top releases of 2015. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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