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Sunday, October 18, 2015


The fifth installment of Hammer's Frankenstein series is the most brutal and bizarre.

Peter Cushing returns as Baron Frankenstein, and this time he wants to save the life of a man whom the doctors in a mental hospital say is suffering from incurable insanity.

Frankenstein blackmails a young couple into helping him kidnap the patient from the hospital so he can cure him. Simon Ward and Veronica Carlson are the young couple whose lives are changed forever by the evil Frankenstein.

There are some great scenes in this film including a scene where a busted water pipe threaten to expose a buried body in the garden. Carlson really convinces as she panics and has to take matters into her own hands before the authorities arrive.

Thorley Walters is Inspector Frisch and Geoffrey Bayldon is the police doctor working with the Inspector on the case of missing bodies and murder. The opening scene is one that you will never forget.

This is superb film making and Terence Fisher handles everything perfectly. It is about time this film finally made it to Blu-ray, and it looks perfect. Carlson never looked lovelier than in this film. Recommended viewing for Halloween.

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