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Monday, October 19, 2015


Steve Reeves stars in this sword and sandal epic from Jacques Tourneur.

A lot of people mistake this for the usual sword and sandal film which includes many bizarre monsters and such. This is straight forward drama set in 490 B.C. in which Phillipides (Reeves) loins the Sacred Guard in Athens to protect the people.

Alberto Lupo co-stars as Milziade, the good friend of Phillipides who helps him when it is time to go to battle. There are a lot of sweeping battle scenes that are done with style and class as only Tourneur could do them.

There are some shocking moments such as the infamous arrow in the eye underwater scene! This will definitely stand out in your mind after seeing it.

The print from Mill Creek is a little soft, but it shouldn't take away from your enjoyment of the film. If you're looking for monsters forget it, but if you like straight forward war drama set in ancient times, this might be your cup of tea.

Mario Bava is one of the uncredited directors of this film and he also handled the special effects.

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